2024, wth!

January 4th, 2024 by

This year is starting off action packed! First let me introduce Hikertoonist.com, a kind of hiking/art blog I’m slowly trying to figure out what to do with. So far on the outside it’s a few nature photos from hiking and some drawings. If all goes well, I will be adding to this over time.

Sort of related to this is the upcoming Creative Freedom Summit this January 23-25th online. Tune in to see a variety of talks about uses of open source software for artistic things. I will be giving one of these talks, apparently at the very end of the conference, Thursday the 25th at 3 pm EST! This talk will be about using an open source software stack to process, display, and derive art from nature, such as on Hikertoonist.

Then later this year in May, the Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is occurring in person, for the first time since Covid hit. Hopefully I will be able to attend this year, and not get sick with anything. LGM is always a blast, and you should go too.

In any case, happy new year, and let’s hope we humans don’t destroy everything!

A drawing of a giant Pika that is emerging from some kind of portal, scaring off hikers below.


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