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This program has been growing in small bits around each December the last couple of years. As such, it is still very rough, but each year I do manage to squeeze out some useful nets to give away as gifts. It is a calendar program to create fancy polyhedron calendars. Right now, you can select from an assortment of predefined nets, or you can build up a net, or you can load in a net. Then you can map the months and have images sort of pointing to the proper birthdays dropped right in automatically. Save as SVG or as a net file.

When saved as svg, you can then edit it with, for instance, Inkscape to make it really snazzy looking. My program cannot print yet, but you can print easily enough from Inkscape. See here for examples of the built in nets.

The interface is fairly simple. The left button is for moving around the net, the middle for moving the page, and the right for moving around the view space. Control-button and drag scales, Shift-Control-button rotates, plain-button or Shift-button moves, with the exception that plain left-button-drag moves both the paper and the net. In adjust mode, control-left button adds a point to the outline. You can click a number of existing points then press 'f' to create a month out of those points. Other than that, the interface is really not very polished yet.

~~~~~~ TO DO ~~~~~~~
Ultimately, it must allow scribbling and being able to see on screen the pictures dropped onto faces with wrap around, such as when you have a picture on one face that points to a birthday printed on a separate face, the line should wrap over the edge.

Really should have some sort of 3-d preview feature too.

I haven't quite figured out how the cairo graphics library deals with rotated text, so the on screen preview is slightly misaligned, not to mention hideously inefficient. The svg output is fine, though. Well, that is, it's enough to be getting on with.

This should be adapted to php to make it an on-the-fly web script.

Calehedron screenshot


This should run on unix-y sorts of systems like Linux. It compiles fine on my Debian Sarge Linux machine, anyway.


- Laxkit (included in this download)
- X11
- libxpm
- libpng
- Cairo graphics library
- expects /usr/bin/identify to be the identify command of Imagemagick

It uses bits of my brand new X window toolkit, which is included in the download.

Source Code:
calehedron.tar.bz2, 307kb

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