"I Shall Live Again!"
proclaims the polyhedron
The Big Momma

behold the

Small Inverted Retrosnub Icosicosidodecahedron

the culmination of four months of table saw production in 2001, particularly the10-12 hour days every day during the final month. This shape is composed of 100 triangles and 12 pentagrams that all run through each other in the manner of a gang of mosaic makers with too much time on their hands. Its common names in addition to the above are Yog-Sothoth, #118, or the clearly superior title Siri. If one gets laid off, building such a thing is a good way to foolishly squander one's severance pay.
From Above
this photo by
Vladimir Bulatov

Momma anda Kid    At the Show


I could not have completed this monstrosity without shamelessly exploiting PNCA's maintenance staff such as Michael (welding, holding, cajoling, offering resistance), Will (holding, gluing), and Robert (cajoling, lighting). Also thanks to Magnus Wenninger, whose books have inspired many a polyhedron maker, and who sent me someone's masters thesis about this shape, which helped a lot in the beginning. Robert Webb, who sent me additional numbers not in that thesis that saved me from a couple months of algebraic wrangling, and who was since published a nice shareware polyhedra exploration tool. Plus others who helped in my 500 hours of need including Mom and Dad, Christina, Nick, Emily, Rochelle, Lynn, Ken, Paul (for the food), and anyone else I've inadvertantly blocked out of my mind.


Which of these is different?
Is it this?

Phony 12-foot Shape
(When parking polyhedra,
always read the signs!)