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Cartoons from 1991 to 1998
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I still have some of these individual cartoons on t-shirts, which for the last several years have been undergoing a process to put 8 or 9 cartoons on each shirt. You can help speed along this conversion by telling me to get a frikin move on. The most effective means to deliver that message is to send me a lot of money.

You can get an 8.5"x11" book with 30 pages of this sort of cartoon for $5, or those 30 pages plus an additional 20 pages of comics stories, including A Day in the Park, Normal Business Hours, Sewage, and Propaganda, for $8 here.

Here are some samples:

All is not well... Early experiments in Merry Go-Rounds Press D-4 Where Street People Come From Arnold confronts his inner self Cried his eyes out Cross traffic Oh no! Roasting on an open fire Maggot Mannequin depressive Marionettes in Love Chatty Medusas Watch out! Repressed memories of the holidays Stop it this instance! Bees Watch out!

The Adventures of Bob Obo,
Premier Stuntman

Bob Obo Part 1 Bob Obo Part 2

Mr. Metal and His Dog Shiny
(part 1 written in the seventh grade, and redrawn my second year in college, together with part 2, circa 1993)
Part 1 Part 2
1 Mr. Metal 1 Mr. Metal 9 9
2 Mr. Metal 2 Mr. Metal 10 10
3 Mr. Metal 3 Mr. Metal 11 11
4 Mr. Metal 4 Mr. Metal 12 12
5 Mr. Metal 5 Mr. Metal 13 13
6 Mr. Metal 6 Mr. Metal 14 14
7 Mr. Metal 7 Mr. Metal 15 15
8 Mr. Metal 8 Mr. Metal 16 16

Come on, buy this book.