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As of 30 November 2016

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Nightlife 12:04

Nightlife 12:04 (2015)
More collected dreams since Nightlife 12:03.

-- 28 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $4   
Nightlife, Volume 1

Nightlife, Volume 1 (2013)
101 pages of dream comics, this is the first four Nightlife minicomics collected in a perfect bound book with color cover!

-- 104 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $15   
Nightlife 12:03

Nightlife 12:03 (2013)
More collected dreams since Nightlife 12:02.

-- 28 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $4   
Nightlife 12:02

Nightlife 12:02 (2011)
This comic combines several dreams I've had since Nightlife 12:01, and strings them all together so that they might make some kind of sense to people outside of my head.

-- 28 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $4   
Nightlife 12:01

Nightlife 12:01 (2010)
This comic combines several dreams I've had since the original Nightlife, and strings them all together so that they might make some kind of sense to people outside of my head.

-- 28 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $4   
Tales of Inertia 3

Tales of Inertia, Number 3 (2010)
This book contains Dynomight, The End of the Line, which is my third 24 hour comic and the first to not involve aliens, Best Mates, The Tower, and a black and white version of Summit.

-- 40 pages, 7x8.5"... $4   

Nightlife (2009)
This comic combines several dreams I've had, and strings them all together so that they might make some kind of sense to people outside of my head.

-- 28 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $4   
Tales of Inertia 2

Tales of Inertia, Number 2 (2008)
This book contains two comics. The first is Incident at Red Bone Peak, my second 24 hour comic (24 pages done in 24 hours) done in April 2008, and also Moonshine, the sequel to Seaside Retreat from issue number 1.

-- 44 pages, 7x8.5"... $4   
Tales of Inertia

Tales of Inertia, Number 1 (2007)
This book contains two comics. One is Seaside Retreat, about life on the seashore, and also the first 11 pages of Weak Daze, my (very slowly) growing slice of life graphic novel.

-- 28 pages, 7x8.5"... $4   

Consumption (1999-2006)
Most Recent Issue:
Number 12, Stuff from Summer 2005 to Summer 2006

Each issue is 40 pages of mostly political cartoons with a couple pages of short book/movie/other-stuff-I-like reviews. I usually come out with a new issue every 3-12 months, so to speak. Give me lots of money and more places that will publish them, and I'll make more. 7x8.5".

Back Issues

Volume 2, (collects issues 5-8) The Morning After Consumption.... $15  
Volume 1, (collects issues 1-4) Year Zero.... $15  

--- Individual Back Issues....$4 each ---
Number 12, Summer 2005 to Summer 2006  
Number 11, Summer 2004 to Summer 2005  
Number 10, Summer 2003 to Summer 2004  
Number 9, Summer 2002 to Summer 2003  
Number 8, Spring to Summer 2002  
Number 7, Winter 2001-2002  
Number 6, Spring to Fall 2001  
Number 5, Fall 2000 to Spring 2001  
Number 4, Spring to Summer 2000  
Number 3, Winter 1999-2000  
Number 2, Summer to Fall 1999  
Number 1, Summer 1999  
Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion and Other Stories (2005)
This book contains a few short comics stories I did between 1994 and 2005. It contains the graphical short stories from my 50 page collection of old cartoons, which are not in the 30 page collection of old cartoons, plus a 24 page comic that I made in 24 hours on April 23, 2005.

-- 48 pages, 7x8.5"... $4   
Bicycle Propaganda

Bicycle Propaganda (2002)
Here's all my bicycle cartoons that appeared in Consumption issues 1 through 8 plus a couple more.

-- 20 pages, 5.5x5.5"... $3   
The Morning After Consumption

The Morning After Consumption (2002)
This collects the issues five through eight of Consumption from Summer 2000 to Summer 2002

-- 168 pages, perfect bound, 7x8.5"... $15   
Non-Political Cartoons
Year Zero (2001)
This collects the first 4 issues of Consumption from Summer 1999 to Summer 2000

-- 148 pages, perfect bound, 7x8.5"... $15   
Old Cartoons

Cartoons (1998)
from before I started Consumption. Most of them were in the Caltech student newspaper between 1991 and 1994. This collection is 30 pages, or those same 30 pages plus 20 more pages of graphical short stories that I made between 1994 and 1998. 8.5x11"

-- 30pgs (1991-1994)...$7   
-- 50pgs (1991-1998)...$10   
How to Avoid Politics

Solids (1998)
This 40 page 8.5x11" book has the technical information I've gone through to make geometric objects over several years. It has a rough description of my construction methods, a table full of numbers for many polyhedra, exact equations for almost all those numbers, and a bibliography of neat geometric references. Speaking of bibliographies, click here for the mammoth bibliography of George Hart.

-- 40 pages, 8.5x11".... $10   

My Art School Thesis (1998)
which has random ravings about math and art, plus construction notes from making my over 1000 piece thesis project, which was the Great Inverted Retrosnub Icosidodecahedron.

-- 28 pages, 8.5x11"...$5   

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As of 30 November 2016