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Websites of Adventure
It's very possible there are broken links here.
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Still Yet even more additional sites from #10-12

Interesting Websites
Democracy Now with Amy Goodman
Grep Palast's great investigative journalism
Charts of interlocking corporate boards
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Union of Concerned Scientists
Very interesting indeed


(see below)

Websites I stumbled on while working on issues 1-9

Interesting Websites
ACLU report about Seattle cops and WTO protests
AI report about police brutality in America
Center for Peace in the Balkans
Common Dreams News Center
Etc Group (formerly RAFI)
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Federation of American Scientists
Independent Media Center
KBOO Community Radio
The U.S. National Archives
Portland Peace and Justice Works
Portland Copwatch
Center for Media and Democracy
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
School of the Americas Watch
Global Trade Watch
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Websites for the Dedicated Researcher
US Legislation Tracker
The U.S. Census Bureau
CIA (look for CIA for kids link!)
International Monetary Fund
National Security Agency
The New York Times
The State Department
Portland Police Bureau
The United Nations
The White House
Office of Homeland Security
World Bank
World Trade Organization